Underwriters Laboratories UL Subject 2267

Standard for Fuel cell Power System for Installation in Industrial Electric Trucks

UL Subject 2267


UL Subject 2267

Standard for Fuel cell Power System For Installation in Industrial Electric Trucks


The requirements cover fuel cell power systems currently noted as intended to be installed in type E, industrial trucks used in locations as defined in the Fire Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks including Type Designations, Areas of Use, Conversions, Maintenance and Operations NFPA 505, and the National Electrical Code NFPA 70. The scope only covers those systems that incorporate a permanently mounted pressure vessel containing compressed hydrogen gas for designs that are fueled without the pressure vessel being removed from the industrial truck (on board fueling). At this time, the standard is limited to systems with maximum pressures of 25 MPa or 35MPa.


The standard was published in May 2006 as an ANSI standard, and is available through UL. The document was recently revised to address those areas of UL 2267 affecting high pressure fuel containment to appropriately address safety concerns of current technology. Specific revisions to address the following concerns were recently completed:

a.   Develop cycling and other tests of high pressure systems as needed,

b.   Address instructions and markings, and

c.   Address End of Life Criteria


These revisions include:

  • scope changes to address current technology including limiting the scope to systems with maximum pressures of 25 MPa or 35MPa and onboard refueling;
  • revision of high pressure system terms, addition of diagrams and a comparison table of high pressure terms to better harmonize with related standards;
  • compliance of hydrogen pressure vessels to ISO TS 15869 for heavy usage industrial truck service (i.e. a minimum of 11,250 full fill cycles representing a 10 year life);
  • restrictions on the types of materials that may be utilized for the hydrogen pressure vessels;
  • revisions to the piping and component requirements for the high pressure hydrogen lines including reference to ASME B31.12 for hydrogen piping;
  • a revised overpressure and over-temperature protection section to include requirements based upon current protection mechanisms for high pressure hydrogen systems; and
  • nameplate and documentation for end of service life of the hydrogen pressure vessels.

Third edition published in 2020.

Available from www.ul.com


Laurie Florence, UL