State of South Carolina
Hydrogen (and Fuel Cell) Permitting Act
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State of South Carolina


Hydrogen Permitting Act



South Carolina law allows uniform permitting for hydrogen and fuel cells

South Carolina has passed a law that will allow the state to uniformly permit hydrogen and fuel cells at the state level while using internationally recognized codes and standards.  The South Carolina Hydrogen Permitting Act (Bill H3835) places the authority and responsibility of permitting hydrogen and fuel cell facilities in the state in the jurisdiction of the Office of the State Fire Marshal.
The law allows the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction to become acquainted with hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. It also provides a reliable source of expertise at the Office of the State Fire Marshal without incurring onerous training expenses while the industry is in a build up phase.  It also ensures that commercial and industrial businesses seeking to site hydrogen for energy use, or as a transportation fuel, are given equal treatment and are held to a consistent standard


Became law, June 14, 2010.