SAE J2799
 70 MPa Compressed Hydrogen Surface Vehicle Refueling Connection Device
 and Optional Vehicle to Station Communication

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SAE J2799
70 MPa Compressed Hydrogen Surface Vehicle Refueling Connection Device and Optional Vehicle to Station Communication




This technical information report specifies a guideline for the hardware requirements for fueling a Hydrogen Surface Vehicle (HSV) with compressed hydrogen storage at a Nominal Working Pressure of 70MPa. It contains a description of the receptacle geometry and optional communication hardware and communications protocol to refuel the HSV. The intent of this document is to enable harmonized development and implementation of the hydrogen fueling interfaces. It is intended to be utilized for the hydrogen vehicle field evaluation until enough information is collected to enable standardization. The receptable portion of this TIR is to be reevaluated utilizing international field data in approximately 2 years and subsequently superseded by J2600 in the 2009 timeframe. At that time, input would be gathered from international locations through the representation in the SAE Fuel Cell Committee in order to confirm the final decision regarding the direction of the receptacle and communications standard. The communications portion of the TIR is also to be reevaluated utilizing international field data and subsequently superseded by J2601.


It is anticipated that the communications protocol and hardware could be standardized before the above mentioned timeframe. It is not the intent of this document to imply a position regarding the commercial fueling protocol, communications, or non-communication strategy, but simply serves as a reference for the receptacle hardware and IRDA communications if this strategy is selected. In addition, it is not intended to be referenced by other Standard and/or Code organizations.



Published as a TIR in May 2007. Updated and published as a standard in 2014 and again in 2019.  Available at





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