ISO 26142
Hydrogen Detection Apparatus Stationary applications



International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Technical Committee No. 197 Hydrogen Technologies


ISO 26142
Hydrogen Detection Apparatus Stationary applications


This international standard defines the performance requirements and test methods of stationary hydrogen detection apparatus that is designed to measure and monitor hydrogen concentrations. The provisions in this standard cover the hydrogen detection apparatus used to achieve the single and/or multilevel safety operations such as nitrogen purging or ventilation and/or system shutoff corresponding to the hydrogen concentration. The requirements applicable to the control system as well as the installation requirements of such apparatus are excluded. This standard sets out only the requirements applicable to a product standard of hydrogen detection apparatus, such as precision, response time, stability, measuring range, selectivity and poisoning.

This standard is intended to be used for certification purposes.


Published June 1, 2010 as ISO 26142:2010.

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Re-Confirmed in December 2015.


Will be reviewed in 2020.