IEC - IEC TC9/TC105 Electrical Equipment and Systems for Railway

IEC 63341 Railway applications Rolling stock Fuel cell systems for propulsion

IEC 63341-1 Part 1: Fuel Cell Power System

IEC 63341-2 Part 2: Hydrogen Storage System

IEC - IEC TC21/TC105 Flow Batteries

IEC 62932 Flow Battery Systems for Stationary Applications

IEC 62932-1 Terminology and general aspects

IEC 62932-2-1 Performance, general requirements and method of test

IEC 62932-2-2 Safety requirements




IEC - Technical Committee 31 - Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres


IEC 60079-29-1  Explosive atmospheres Part 29-1: Gas detectors- Performance requirements of detectors for flammable gases


IEC 60079-29-2  Explosive atmospheres Part 29-2: Gas detectors- Selection, installation, use and maintenance of detectors for flammable gases and oxygen



IEC - Technical Committee 105 - Fuel Cell Technologies


IEC/TS 62282-1  Terminology

IEC 62282-2-100  Fuel Cell Modules

IEC 62282-3-100  Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems Safety

IEC 62282-3-200  Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems - Performance Test Methods

IEC 62282-3-201  Small stationary polymer electrolyte fuel cell power system Performance test method

IEC 62282-3-300  Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems Installation

IEC 62282-3-400 Stationary fuel cell power systems - Small stationary fuel cell power system with combined heat and power output

IEC 62282-4-101 Fuel cell power systems for industrial electrical forklift trucks Safety

IEC 62282-4-102 Fuel cell power systems for forklift applications Performance test methods

IEC 62282-4-202 Fuel cell power systems for unmanned aircraft systems Performance test methods

IEC 62282-4-600 Fuel cell and battery hybrid power pack systems for excavators Performance test methods

IEC 62282-5-100  Portable Fuel Cell Appliances Safety

IEC 62282-6-100  Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems Safety

IEC/PAS 62282-6-150 Micro Fuel Cells Safety - Water reactive (UN Division 4.3) compounds in indirect PEM fuel cells

IEC 62282-6-200  Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems Performance

IEC 62282-6-300  Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems - Fuel Cartridge Interchangeability

IEC/TS 62282-6-400 Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems Power and Data Interchangeability

IEC 62282-6-401 Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems Power, data, interchangeability and performance test

methods for laptop computers


IEC 62282-7-1 Single Cell Test Method for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

IEC 62282-7-2 Single Cell and Stack - Performance Test Methods for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell


IEC 62282-8 Energy storage systems using fuel cell modules in reverse mode

IEC/TS 62282-8-101 Solid oxide single cell and stack performance including reversing operation

IEC/TS 62282-8-102 PEM single cell and stack performance including reversing operation

IEC/TS 62282-8-201 Power to power systems performance

IEC/TS 62282-8-301 Power to methane energy systems based on solid oxide cell including reversible

operation Performance test method


IEC 62282-9 Evaluation methodology for the environmental performance of fuel cell power systems based on

life cycle thinking

IEC/TS 62282-9-101 Streamlined life-cycle considered environmental performance characterization

of stationary fuel cell power systems for residential applications

IEC/TS 62282-9-102 Product category rules for environmental product declarations of stationary fuel cell

power systems and alternative systems for residential applications





International Maritime Organization (IMO)


IGF Part E - International Code of Safety for Ships Using Gases or Other Low -Flashpoint Fuels


International Organization for Legal Metrology (IOML)


OIML R 81  Dynamic Measuring Devices and Systems for Cryogenic Liquids


OIML R 139  Compressed Gaseous Fuel Measuring Systems for Vehicles




ISO - Technical Committee 22 - Road Vehicles / SC 37 Electrically Propelled Vehicles


ISO 23273 Fuel Cell Road Vehicle Safety specifications - Protection against hydrogen hazards for vehicles fueled with compressed hydrogen


ISO 23828  Fuel Cell Road Vehicles - Energy consumption measurement Part 1: Vehicles fuelled with compressed hydrogen


ISO/TR 11954  Fuel Cell Road Vehicles - Road Maximum Speed Measurement


ISO 6469 Electrically propelled road vehicles Safety specifications

ISO 6469-1 Part 1: On-board rechargeable energy storage systems (RESS)

ISO 6469-2 Part 2: Vehicle operational safety means and protection against failures

ISO 6469-3 Part 3: Protection of persons against electric shock

ISO 6469-4 Part 4: Post crash electrical safety requirements


ISO/TR 8713 Electrically propelled road vehicles Vocabulary




ISO - Technical Committee 22 - Road Vehicles / SC25 Vehicles using gaseous fuels / WG5 Fuel system components for gaseous hydrogen


ISO 12619 Road vehicles Compressed gaseous hydrogen and hydrogen/methane blends fuel components



ISO 12619-1 - Part 1: General requirements and definitions

ISO 12619-2 - Part 2: Performance and general test methods

ISO 12619-3 - Part 3: Pressure regulator

ISO 12619-4 - Part 4: Check valve

ISO 12619-5 - Part 5: Manual cylinder valve

ISO 12619-6 - Part 6: Automatic valve

ISO 12619-7 - Part 7: Gas injector

ISO 12619-8 - Part 8: Pressure indicator

ISO 12619-9 - Part 9: Pressure relief valve

ISO 12619-10 - Part 10: Pressure relief device

ISO 12619-11 - Part 11: Excess flow valve

ISO 12619-12 - Part 12: Gas-tight housing and ventilation hoses

ISO 12619-13 - Part 13: Rigid fuel line in stainless steel

ISO 12619-14 - Part 14: Flexible fuel line

ISO 12619-15 - Part 15: Filter

ISO 12619-16 Part 16: Fittings



ISO - Technical Committee 58 - Gas Cylinder


ISO 11114 Gas cylinders Compatibility of cylinder and valve materials with gas contents


ISO 11114-1   Part 1: Metallic materials

ISO 11114-2   Part 2: Non-Metallic materials 

ISO 11114-4   Part 4: Test methods for selecting metallic materials resistant to hydrogen embrittlement



ISO - Technical Committee 158 Analysis of Gases

ISO 21087 Gas analysis- Analytical methods for hydrogen fuel - PEM fuel cell applications for road vehicles


ISO - Technical Committee 197 - Hydrogen Technologies

ISO 13984 Liquid hydrogen Land vehicle fueling system interface



ISO 13985  Liquid hydrogen - Land vehicle fuel tanks


ISO 14687 Hydrogen Fuel Product Specification


ISO/TR 15916 Basic consideration for the Safety Hydrogen Systems


ISO 16110 Hydrogen Generators Using Fuel Processing Technologies

ISO 16110-1  Part 1: Safety

ISO 16110-2  Part 2: Test Method for Performance


ISO 16111  Transportable Gas Storage Devices - Hydrogen Absorbed in Reversible Metal Hydrides


ISO 17268  Gaseous Hydrogen Land Vehicle - Refueling Connection Devices

ISO 19880 Gaseous Hydrogen Fueling Station

ISO 19880-1 General Requirements

ISO 19880-2 Dispensers

ISO 19880-3 Valves

ISO 19880-4 Compressors

ISO 19880-5 Hoses

ISO 19880-6 Fittings

ISO 19880-7 O-rings

ISO 19880-8 Hydrogen Quality Control


ISO 19881 Gaseous hydrogen Land vehicle fuel containers

ISO 19882 Gaseous hydrogen Thermally active pressure relief devices for compressed hydrogen vehicle fuel containers

ISO/TS 19883 Safety of pressure swing adsorption systems for hydrogen separation and purification

ISO 19884 Gaseous hydrogen Cylinders and tubes for storage

ISO 19885 Gaseous hydrogen Fuelling protocols for hydrogen-fuelled vehicles

ISO 19885-1 Part 1: Design and development process for fuelling protocols

ISO 19885-2 Part 2: Definition of communications between the vehicle and dispenser

control systems

ISO 19885-3 Part 3: High flow hydrogen fuelling protocols for heavy duty road vehicles


ISO 19887 Gaseous hydrogen Land vehicle fuel system components

ISO 22734 Hydrogen Generators Using Water Electrolysis Industrial, commercial and residential applications

ISO/TR 22734-2 Hydrogen Generators Using Water Electrolysis Part 2: Testing guidance for performing electricity grid service

ISO 26142  Hydrogen Detector Apparatus - Stationary applications




United Nations


Work Party 29  Global Regulations on Pollution and the Environment Global Technical Regulations (GTR) - Hydrogen Vehicles