IEEE 1547.2
Application Guide for IEEE 1547-2003 IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems



Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


IEEE 1547.2
Application Guide for IEEE Standard 1547
For Interconnecting Distributed Resources
With Electric Power Systems



This guide provides technical background and application details to support the understanding of IEEE 1547 for interconnecting distributed resources (DR) with electric power systems (EPS).


This guide provides the technical background, rationale and guidance to support the application of the substantially revised IEEE 1547, Standard for Interconnection and interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) with Electric Power Systems (EPS) and Associated Interfaces. The document will describe how the requirements and default settings specified in 1547 have been carefully chosen to balance distribution and bulk system needs for increasing penetration of DER. It further expands IEEE 1547 by addressing certain DER integration issues that are not fully addressed by the base standard, e.g. reclosing coordination and limitation of over-voltage in the Area EPS. The guide will address (1) the concept of the newly-introduced performance categories and their assignment to specific DER by an Authority Governing Interconnection Requirements (AGIR); (2) the new requirements for voltage and reactive power control, frequency control, response to abnormal conditions including ride-through; (3) the flexibility provided by the newly-introduced ranges of adjustability for control settings as well as for voltage and frequency trip settings to fully exploit the revised IEEE 1547's potential and to account for specific system characteristics; (4) the interoperability and communication interface requirements; and (5) the test and verification practices, including design and as-built installation evaluations for utility-scale DER, that have not been included in the previous version of the standard. Presented in the document are technical descriptions and schematics, applications guidance and interconnection examples to enhance the use of IEEE 1547.


Published April 15, 2009, and is available at

Under revision. In balloting and comment resolution stage. Will likely be published in the 3rd quart of 2022.



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