HYPER Project
    Installation Permitting Guidance for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Stationary Applications
EU-Supported Coordinating Activity
     European Union

Scope The Installation Permitting Guidance (IPG) for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Stationary Applications (HYPER) Project is aimed at developing for small stationary hydrogen and fuel cell systems a fast track approval of safety and procedural issues by providing a comprehensive installation permitting process for developers, design engineers, manufacturers, installers and authorities. The project brings together a group of 34 organizations, made up of 15 partners and 19 members of a supporting Stakeholder Consultative Group (SCG). The partners include hydrogen system and fuel cell manufacturers, installers and operators, regulators, research laboratories and universities. The SCG has a complementary make up and includes representatives of regulatory organizations, national hydrogen associations, hydrogen systems manufacturers and distributors and international experts.

This activity is supported by the European Union.




See HYPER Project website  www.hyperproject.eu

HYPER Interactive Website http://epshypp.web.its.manchester.ac.uk/