Codes & Standards - BS

Britain’s Health and Safety Executive

  ( with UK industry stakeholders)


BS EN 50073


Guide for selection, installation, use and maintenance

of apparatus for the detection and measurement of

combustible gas and oxygen


Published. Approved by CENELEC in 1998.


Installation Guide for Hydrogen

Fuel Cells and Associated Equipment


1.  All stationary fuel cell devices / installations fuelled by hydrogen and ventilated outdoors.


2.  Does not apply where the hydrogen fuel is made by internal /

adjacent reforming of other fuels.


3.  Does not apply to portable or transport applications. Except where specifically prescribed below, the design, location and installation of hydrogen storage systems for fuel cells should comply with EIGA IGC Doc15/96 “Gaseous Hydrogen Stations”.  No storage of hydrogen shall be allowed within the occupied space of domestic dwellings.


The guideline states a preference to locating all equipment outdoors where possible. Otherwise, suitable ventilation is required.


This document has been taken as far as possible with the current group of stakeholders. It is now being considered by a group who are in the process of forming a national hydrogen association in the U.K.