ISO 16110-1 & 2
    Hydrogen Generators Using Fuel Processing Technologies

Organization International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Identification ISO 16110-1
Hydrogen Generators Using Fuel Processing
Technologies Part 1  Safety
Scope This standard applies to packaged, self-contained or factory matched hydrogen generation systems with a capacity less than 400 Nm3/hr (normal cubic meters per hour) that convert a fuel to a hydrogen rich stream of composition and condition suitable for the type of device using hydrogen (e.g. a fuel cell power system or a hydrogen compression, storage and delivery system).

Status ISO 16110-1:2007 published April 2007.  Available at or

June 2010 periodic review voted to re-confirm.


Identification ISO 16110-2
Hydrogen Generators Using Fuel Processing Technologies

Part 2:  Test Method for Performance
Scope This standard covers operational and environmental aspects of the performance of hydrogen generators described in ISO 16110-1.
Status Published February 15, 2010. Available from or

A systematic review has been initiated in 2015 to determine whether the document should be confirmed, revised/amended, converted to another form of deliverable, or withdrawn.