Working Group #11 / ISO TS 20100
    Gaseous Hydrogen - Service Stations

Organization International Organization for Standardization (ISO)


Technical Committee No. 197 Hydrogen Technologies

Working Group #11

Gaseous Hydrogen Service Stations
ISO TS 20100



This international standard specifies the design, operation and maintenance characteristics of stand-alone outdoor public and non-public, and indoor warehouse fueling stations that dispense gaseous hydrogen used as fuel onboard land vehicles of all types.

Residential and home applications to fuel land vehicles are excluded from this technical specification.

The fueling station may comprise, as applicable, the following:

  • Delivery of hydrogen by pipeline, trucked in gaseous and/or liquid hydrogen,
  • On-site hydrogen generation using water electrolysis process or hydrogen generators using fuel processing technologies,
  • Liquid hydrogen storage, pumps and vaporizer,
  • Gaseous hydrogen compression and purification systems
    • Note: When the fueling station comprises an on-site hydrogen generator, a compressor/purifier system is commonly integrated into it.
  • Gaseous hydrogen buffer storage, pre-cooling device
  • Gaseous hydrogen dispensers.

Status Technical Specification published in 2008.

The Working Group is continuing activity to publish an International Standards.

Two Task Groups have been formed.

                   Task Group 1 safety distances & hazardous area

                   Task Group 2 dispensing systems & fuelling protocols


The scope will temporarily be limited for the upcoming ballot in February or March 2011 of the Draft International Standard. Indoor fueling and operations & maintenance will not be included.


January 2013: This committee is undergoing reorganization.