Technical Committee 105 Fuel Cell Technologies



International Electrotechnical Commission

Mission To develop a set of international standards reguarding fuel cell technologies.

Chairman Dr. Hiromichi Fujisawa
Secretariat Germany-
Secretary Wolfgang Winkler

Member Countries

Australia (AU) - p

France (FR) - p

Portugal (PT) - o

Austria (AT) - o

Germany (DE) - p

Spain (ES) - p

Belgium (BE) - o

Italy (IT) - p 

Sweden (SE) - o

Canada (CA) - p

Japan (JP) - p

Switzerland (CH) -p

China (CN) - p

Korea (KR) - p

United Kingdom (GB) -p

Denmark (DK) - p

Netherlands (NL) - p

United States (US) -p

Egypt (EG) - o

Norway (NO) - o

Yugoslavia (YU) - o

Finland (FL) -p

Poland (PL) -o


p participating countries: 15 o observer countries: 8

Working Groups  #1          Terminology

 #2          Fuel Cell Modules

 #3          Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems Safety

 #4          Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems - Performance

 #5          Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants Installation

 #6          Fuel Cell Systems for Propulsion

 #7          Portable Fuel Cell Power Systems - Safety

 #8          Micro Fuel Cells - Safety

 #9          Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems-Performance

 #10        Micro Fuel cell power systems-Interchangeability

 #11        Single Cell Test method for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

 #AHG1   Identification of the market needs for standardization work on fuel cell systems for propulsion
                  and auxiliary power units