SAE J2719/1
Application Guideline for Use of Hydrogen Fuel Quality Specification 

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SAE J2719/1
Application Guideline for Use of Hydrogen Fuel Quality Specification 




The purpose of this TIR is to provide guidance for minimizing test requirements based on SAE J2719 while still ensuring fuel quality at hydrogen fueling stations for PEM fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and ICEVs (to the extent that has been determined). This document is intended to be used by both industry and regulators for routine (or periodic) monitoring of filling station performance.


It is understood that the measurement of fuel quality is to be made at the interface between the dispensing station and the vehicle. Depending on the source of the hydrogen, some impurities or contaminants will be more likely to occur at that interface than others. Process system faults were considered for each of the hydrogen sources listed in Section 4, and the likely resultant impurities were identified as being necessary for monitoring. Likely contamination sources were also considered and the associated impurities were also identified for monitoring This document attempts to identify those contaminants with the presumption that only those contaminants known to be prevalent in that production method will be investigated as part of routine or periodic monitoring of hydrogen quality. In many cases, contamination resulting from maintenance actions will be depleted so routine or periodic measurements are not likely to identify such incidents. For these cases, owners/operators may elect to perform special measurements after maintenance activities to ensure that such events do not occur. Ultimately, the frequency and magnitude of fuel quality testing should be established by the station owners/operators and regulatory authorities to meet their needs.




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