OIML R 139
    Compressed Gaseous Fuel Measuring Systems for Vehicles


Organization International Organization of Legal Metrology

Identification Compressed Gaseous Fuel Measuring Systems for Vehicles OIML R 139

OIML R 139-1:  Metrological and technical requirements
OIML R 139-2:
  Metrological controls and performance tests

Scope This Recommendation specifies the methological and technical requirements applicable to compressed gaseous fuel measuring systems for vehicles, at type approval, initial verification and subsequent verifications. 

In general, the measuring systems that are covered by this Recommendation are intended for the refueling of motor vehicles, small boats and aircraft with compressed natural gas. Applications with other compressed gaseous fuels are covered. In principle, this Recommendation applies to all measuring systems fitted with a meter, whatever may be the measuring principle of the meters or their application.



Published 2007. Available for downloading (free) at  www.oiml.org


A revision is underway to address, among other issues, new developments in hydrogen measurements. Originally focused on natural gas. Now making it applicable to hydrogen systems.