December 1, 2017



The website,, was created in 2003 as my contribution to a monthly teleconference between the US Department of Energy (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) and the fuel cell industry (U. S. Fuel Cell Council) to track the development of fuel cell standards.

Starting in 2004, the Department of Energy has sponsored the upkeep of this website through the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and more recently by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. During the past 13 years, the website has expanded to include hydrogen standards, and fuel cells and hydrogen standards world-wide.

This website has acted as a resource for product developers, code officials, students as well as standards organizations. Typical monthly activity is almost 2000 visits, primarily from the US, China, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany, but also from an additional 40 nations.

Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, the Department of Energy sponsorship has ended. The fate of this website is uncertain; however, in the meantime, if you have a specific code question I will try to answer it. I can be reach at


Kelvin Hecht


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