ISO 19880-5
Gaseous Hydrogen - Fueling Station Part 5: Hoses


International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Technical Committee No. 197 Hydrogen Technologies


ISO 19880-5
Gaseous Hydrogen - Fueling Station Part 5: Hoses




This document specifies the requirements for wire or textile reinforced hoses and hose assemblies suitable for dispensing hydrogen up to 70 MPa nominal working pressure, in the operating temperature range of −40 C to 65 C.


This document contains safety requirements for material, design, manufacture and testing of gaseous hydrogen hose and hose assemblies for hydrogen fueling stations.


Hoses and hose assemblies excluded from the scope of this document are the following:

     1) those used as part of a vehicle high pressure on-board fuel storage system,

     2) those used as part of a vehicle low pressure fuel delivery system, and

     3) flexible metal hoses.


Published November 2019

Activity has begun on the next edition focusing on the technical comments which were put on hold, and harmonization with the latest edition of ISO 19880-1. Also coordinating revisions with CSA HGV 4.2.

Comments to the first draft have been received.



Convener: Karen Quackenbush