Working Group #11 / IEC TS 62282-7-2
    Single Cell and Stack Performance Test Methods for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
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Organization International Electrochemical Commission


Working Group #11

Technical Specification TS 62282-7-2
Single Cell Performance Test Method for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)


This technical specification provides SOFC cell assembly units, testing system, instruments and measuring methods, and test methods to test the performance of SOFC cells and stacks.


This technical specification is not applicable to small button cells that are designed for SOFC material testing and provide no practical means of fuel utilization measurement.

This technical specification is to be used for data exchanges in commercial transactions between cell/stack manufacturers and system developers or for acquiring data on a cell or stack in order to estimate the performance of a system based on it. Users of this technical specification may selectively execute test items suitable for their purposes from those described in this technical specification.



Status Published May 2014.  Available at

Adopted as the Japanese standard, JIS C 8842.


Chairman Kazuo Koseki
Secretariat JEMA
Secretary Ira Bloom
Yuko Yasutake

China Wang
Germany Lang, Klein, Schiller
Italy Squadrito
Japan Kato, Omda, Momma
Spain Martinez Chaparro
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