IEC TC105 Working Group 10/TS 62282-6-400
    Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems Power and Data Interchangeability
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Organization International Electrochemical Commission


Technical Committee No. 105 Fuel Cell Technologies

Working Group #10

Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems Power and Data Interchangeability

IEC/TS 62282-6-400

Scope This standard covers interchangeability of power and data between micro fuel cells (MFC) and a variety electronic devices For this purpose, the standard covers interchangeable power connector, data communication protocol, and means to avoid the miss-connection between MFC and electronic devices. Test methods for verifying the compliance with these requirements are also provided.


Comments from previous failed CDV are being addressed. The next meeting will be in Seoul, South Korea on November 14-16, 2016.

Adopted as a standard in Germany (DIN EN 62282-3-400:2016, draft).


Chairman Hongki Lee