Codes & Standards USA (Federal Government)

US Navy/US Coast Guard

Codes and Standards for Marine Fuel Cells


Final Report July 2000-Feb 2001

Report Number: CG-D-11-01


This report documents a survey of US and international regulatory bodies, government agencies, and commercial and military sources for existing and developing codes and standards applicable to marine fuel cell power plants. The survey is part of the joint US Navy/US Coast Guard program to develop fuel cells for marine propulsion and electrical power generation applications.


Standards tailored to marine fuel cell design and construction, installation, and operations do not currently exist. Existing land-based fuel cell standards and marine standards for balance of plant systems are examined for potential applicability to marine fuel cells. The report appendices include excerpts of  these standards. In addition, standard development efforts by international committees and ship classification societies are documented.


The report outlines an approach to develop a unified standard governing marine fuel cells. A partnership between fuel cell manufacturers, shipbuilders, government regulatory bodies, and ship classification societies is recommended to facilitate integration of requirements unique to fuel cells with requirements specific to machinery systems operating in the marine environment. The unified standard would address, as a minimum, fuel cell design and manufacture, installation, safety, training, and plant performance evaluation.


Published February 2001. Available through NTIS (National Technical Information Service);  NTIS Order Number: ADA391977