Underwriters’ Laboratories
Portable Fuel Cells

UL Subject 2262

Identification UL Subject 2262
Portable PEM Type Fuel Cell Power Plants with or without UPS Features and Portable PEM Type Fuel  Cell Modules for Factory Installation in OEM Type Equipment for Indoor Use
Scope These requirements cover portable PEM fuel cell power systems used indoors. They also cover PEM fuel cell modules intended to be factory installed in complete products. 

Products covered by these requirements are not intended to be permanently connected to fuel supplies, electrical power sources, electrical appliances, or utilization equipment.


Status Published. Available from www.ul.com.

Identification UL Subject 2262A
Borohydride Fuel Cartridges with Integral Fuel Processing for Use with Portable Fuel Cell Power Systems or Similar Equipment

These requirements cover disposable borohydride compound fuel cartridge with integral fuel processing for use with portable fuel cell power systems or similar equipment that use gaseous hydrogen from the cartridge.


These requirements cover cartridges for use in portable fuel cells for use at ambiemt temperatures, with internal pressures < 100 psig, and not intended to be brought on board passenger aircraft.



Published. Available from www.ul.com.