SAE J2572
Recommended Practice for Measuring the Exhaust Emissions, Energy Consumption and Range of Fuel Cell Powered Electric Vehicles Using Compressed Hydrogen



Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)


SAE J 2572
Emissions and Fuel Consumption Working Group



Develop standards and test procedures for measuring emissions and fuel consumption for fuel cell power vehicles.



This SAE Recommended Practice establishes uniform procedures for testing fuel cell and hybrid fuel cell electric vehicles, excluding low speed vehicles, designed primarily for operation on the public streets, roads and highways. The procedure addresses those vehicles under test using compressed hydrogen gas supplied by an off-board source or stored and supplied as a compressed gas onboard. This practice provides standard tests that will allow for determination of fuel consumption and range based on the US Federal Emission Test Procedures, using the Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS) and the Highway Fuel Economy Driving Schedule (HFEDS). Chassis dynamometer test procedures are specified in this document to eliminate the test-to-test variations inherent with track testing, and to adhere to standard industry practice for fuel consumption and range testing. Communication between vehicle manufacturer and the governing authority is essential when starting official manufacturer in-house and official government confirmatory testing that incorporates this practice.


The 3rd edition was published in October 2014. Available at