Installation of Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants
     United States

Organization National Fire Protection Association

Identification NFPA 853
Standard for the Installation of Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants
2015 Edition

Scope The 2003 Edition has been expanded to include stationary fuel cells below 50kW. The new chapter, “Fuel Cell Power Systems 50 kW or Less” gives requirements for both outdoor and indoor installations as well as ventilation and fire protection for these smaller systems.

In the 2007 edition, the use of the term Lower Flammability Limit was corrected, and clarifications were made to system siting and sensing equipment requirements.

In the 2010 edition, 15 clarifications were added along with 1 new requirement (an outdoor power system’s distance from a combustible wall per manufacturer’s Installation Manual).

The 2015 edition changes include new definitions along with clarification of ventilation air and its application – with requirements subdivided into categories for circulation air, dilution air and primary air.


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Submitter Don Drewry
Secretariat NFPA
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