Hydrogen Technologies
     United States

Organization National Fire Protection Association

Identification NFPA 2
Hydrogen Technologies Technical Committee

Background NFPA has several codes and standards that partially address hydrogen safety. The documents are the responsibility of several independent technical committees. Because of the number of documents and the number of committees, these hydrogen requirements are difficult for the document users to address, and further, at this time are not well coordinated.

Scope The scope of the new Hydrogen Technologies Technical Committee is intended to directly address the primary and most common applications of hydrogen; therefore, this committee shall have the primary responsibility for documents on the storage, transfer and use if hydrogen. The use of hydrogen would include stationary, portable and vehicular applications.

NFPA has voted to remove the responsibility for hydrogen requirements from the Vehicular Alternative Fuel Systems Committee.  The responsibility for all hydrogen requirements will now be addressed by the scope of the Technical Committee on Hydrogen Technologies.


Starting with its inaugural meeting in November 2006, this standard has addressed the full range of hydrogen technology applications by extracting text from the following NFPA documents:

                             NFPA 1               NFPA 497

                             NFPA 30             NFPA 70, Article 629

                             NFPA 52             NFPA 853

                             NFPA 55             NFPA 5000

                             NFPA 86

Publish in 2011 with an errata sheet (5/27/2011).

Revised and published in 2015 (to align revision cycle with NFPA 55).                              

Available at

The next edition has been assigned to the 2019 revision cycle .


Chairman Martin Gresho, Sandia Natíl Labs
Secretariat Paul May (
Secretary Carl Rivkin, NFPA