IEEE 1547.4
    Guide for Design, Operation and Integration of Distributed Resources Island Systems with Electric Power Systems

Organization Institute of Electrical  and Electronic Engineers

Identification SCC21
IEEE 1547.4

Guide for Design, Operation and Intergration

of Distributed Resource Island Systems
With Electric Power Systems


Scope This document provides alternative approaches and good practices for the design, operation and integration of distributed resource (DR) island systems with electric power systems (EPS). This includes the ability to separate from and reconnect to part of the area EPS while providing power to the islanded local EPSís. This guide includes the  DRís, interconnection systems and participating EPSís.


Purpose This guide is intended to be used by EPS designers, operators, system integrators, and equipment manufacturers. The document is intended to provide an introduction, overview and address engineering concerns of DR island systems. It is relevant to the design, operation, and integration of DR island systems. Implementation of this guide will expand the benefits of using DR by targeting improved electric power system reliability and build upon the interconnection requirements of IEEE 1547.

Status Published 2011. Available at

Chairman Benjamin Kroposki
Secretariat NREL
Secretary Tom Basso