IEEE 1547.2
    Application Guide for IEEE 1547-2003 IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems
Under Development

Organization Institute of Electrical  and Electronic Engineers

Identification SCC21
IEEE 1547.2-2008
Draft Application Guide for IEEE Standard 1547
For  Interconnecting Distributed Resources
With Electric Power Systems


Scope This guide provides technical background and application details to support the understanding of IEEE 1547 for interconnecting distributed resources (DR) with electric power systems (EPS).

Purpose This document facilitates the use of IEEE 1547 by characterizing the various forms of DR technologies and the associated interconnection issues. Additionally, the background and rationale of the technical requirements are discussed in terms of the operation of the DR interconnection with the EPS. Presented in the document are technical descriptions and schematics, applications guidance, and interconnection examples to enhance the use of IEEE 1547.

Status Published April 15, 2009, and is available at .

Chairman Bob Saint
Vice-Chairman Dave Bassett
Secretariat NREL
Secretary Tom Basso