ANSI/CSA America HGV3.1
    Fuel System Components for Hydrogen Gas Powered Vehicles
Under Develpoment
     United States

Organization CSA America

Identification CSA America HGV3.1
Fuel System Components for
Hydrogen Gas Powered Vehicles


Scope This standard contains requirements for newly produced compressed hydrogen gas fuel system components, intended for use on hydrogen gas powered vehicles. This standard applies to devices which have a service pressure of either 25 MPa, 35 MPa or 70 MPa 

Components included in this standard include: check valve, manual valve, manual container valve, automatic valve, gas injector, pressure indicator, pressure regulator, pressure relief valve, pressure relief device, excess flow valve, gas tight housing and ventilation lines and passages, rigid fuel line, flexible fuel line, filter housing, fittings, and relief line closures.   

Status Updated CNG document, and harmonized it with ISO 15500. Published as a CSA standard in March 2013.

Published as an ANSI standard in february 2015.

Chairman Livio Gambone
Secretariat CSA America
Secretary Julie Weis, CSA