ANSI/CSA America FC1-2014
(IEC 62282-3-100:2012,MOD)

    Fuel Cell Power Systems
     United States

Organization CSA America

Identification ANSI/CSA America FC1-2014 (IEC 62282-3-100:2012,MOD)
(formerly ANSI Z21.83) 
American National Standard For Fuel Cell Power Systems


This standard applies to:

a. systems intended for electrical connection to mains direct, or with a transfer switch, or to a stand-alone power distribution system;

b. systems intended to provide a.c. or d.c. power;

c. systems with or without the ability to recover useful heat;

d. systems intended for operation on the following input fuels:

1. natural gas and other methane rich gases derived from renewable (biomass) or fossil fuel sources, for example, landfill gas, digester gas, coal mine gas;

2. fuels derived from oil refining, for example, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gases such as propane and butane;

3. alcohols, esters, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, Fischer-Tropsch liquids and other suitable hydrogen-rich organic compounds derived from renewable (biomass) or fossil fuel sources, for example, methanol, ethanol, di-methyl ether, biodiesel;

4. hydrogen, gaseous mixtures containing hydrogen gas, for example, synthesis gas, town gas.


This standard does not cover:

a. portable fuel cell power systems;

b. propulsion fuel cell power systems.      



Status Published  2004. Second edition published 2012.  Harmonized with the international standard, IEC 62282-3-100: 2012, and re-published in 2014.

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Chairman Kelvin Hecht
Secretariat CSA Group
Secretary Julie Weis