Performance Test Code for Fuel Cell Power Systems Performance
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Organization American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Note: ASME is a worldwide engineering society, and many of its standards are recognized internationally.

Identification PTC 50 Performance Test Code For Fuel Cell Power System Performance

Scope This Code provides test procedures, methods and definitions for the performance characterization of fuel cell power systems. Fuel cell power systems include all components required in the conversion of input fuel and oxidizer into output electrical and thermal energy. Performance characterization of fuel systems includes evaluating system energy inputs and electrical and thermal outputs to determine fuel-to-electrical energy conversion efficiency and where applicable the overall thermal effectiveness. These efficiencies will be determined to an absolute uncertainty of less than 2% at a 95% confidence level. (For example, for a calculated efficiency of 40%, the true value lies between 38% and 42%.)


Status Published December 2002. 
Reaffirmed 2009.

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Chairman Robert Wichert
Vice-Chairman Kelvin Hecht
Secretariat ASME