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 International Organization for Standardization


Technical committee No. 197 Hydrogen Technologies


Standardization in the field of systems and devices for the production, storage, transport, measurement and use of hydrogen.



Chairman Andrei Tchouvelev Glenn Scheffler
Secretariat BNQ CGA
Secretary Jim Ferrero Jill Thompson
Member Countries

Argentina p Hungary o Russian Federation-p
Australia-p India-o Serbia/Montenegro-o
Austria-o Israel-o Spain-o
Belgium-p Italy-p Sweden-p
Canada-p Jamaica-o Switzerland-p
Czech Republic-o Japan-p Thailand-o
China-o Korea-p Turkey-o
Egypt-p Libya-p Ukraine-o
France-p Netherlands-p United Kingdom-p
Germany-p Norway-p United States-p
Participating Countries 18                        Observer Countries 12

Working Groups

#1 Liquid Hydrogen- Land Vehicle Fuel Tanks
#2 Multimodal Transport of Hydrogen (cryogenic)
#4 Airport Hydrogen Fueling Facility

Gaseous Hydrogen Blends & Hydrogen Fuels-Service Stations and Filling Connectors


Gaseous Hydrogen Blends & Hydrogen Fuels- Land Vehicle Fuel Tanks


Basic Considerations for the Safety of Hydrogen Systems


Hydrogen Generators Using Water Electrolysis Process


Hydrogen Generators Using Fuel Processing Technologies

#11 Gaseous Hydrogen - Service Stations
#12 Hydrogen Fuel - Product Specification
#13 Hydrogen Sensors

Technical Committee No. 22 Road Vehicle Standards

SC 21 Electric Road Vehicles



All  questions of standardization concerning compatibility, interchangeability and safety, with particular reference to terminology and test procedures for evaluating the  performance of electric road vehicles.

  Chairman D. Sahm (Germany)
  Secretariat DIN
  Secretary Egbert Fritzsche
Participating Countries

Belgium Italy Russia
Brazil Japan Sweden
France Korea USA
Germany Portugal UK

Working Groups


Vehicle operation conditions, vehicle safety and energy storage / Definitions


Methods of measurement of vehicle performance and of energy consumption