ISO TC22/SC37 WG#2 (Formerly TC22/SC21)
    Methods of Measurement and Energy Consumption

Organization International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Secretariat JISC (Japan)

Identification ISO 23828:2013   
     Fuel Cell Road Vehicle- Energy Consumption Measurement Part 1: Vehicles fuelled with compressed hydrogen
Scope This standard specifies the procedures for measuring the energy consumption of fuel cell passenger cars and light duty trucks which use compressed hydrogen and which are not  externally chargeable. 
Status 1st edition published April 2008. 2nd edition published November 2013.   Available at and

Identification ISO/TR 11954
     Fuel Cell Road Vehicles- Road Maximum Speed Measurement
Scope This International Standard specifies test procedures for measuring the road maximum speed of fuel cell road vehicles not externally chargeable using compressed hydrogen of categories passenger cars and light commercial vehicles of a maximum authorized total mass of 3500 kg.


Status Published October 15, 2008, and re-confirmed in 2013.