Working Group #18
    Gaseous Hydrogen Land Vehicle Fuel Tanks and TPRDs
Under Development

Organization International Organization for Standardization (ISO)


ISO Technical Committee 197

Working Group 18

Gaseous Hydrogen Land Vehicle Fuel Tanks and TPRDs

  • ISO 19881 Land Vehicle Fuel Tanks

  • ISO 19882 Thermally-activated Pressure Relief Devices

Key Points

ISO 19881 will address:

  • Performance-based stress rupture testing

  • Fire resistance testing for fire rating

  • Inspections after events/accidents



ISO 19882 will address:

  • Applicability the same as 19881

  • Test procedures from JTR, CSA and SAE

  • Service life and working pressure to match container

  • CSA HPRD as the seed document


At its December 2014 meeting, technical issues were resolved, and CD 19881 for containers was targeted for early 2015.

The committee will meet at CEA in Grenoble, France in October 2015.



Convener:   Livio Gambone