Working Group #9 / IEC 62282-6-200 (2016-09)
    Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems - Performance

Organization International Electrotechnical Commission

Identification Technical Committee No. 105 -Fuel Cell Technologies
Working Group #9
Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems – Performance
IEC 62282-6-200


Scope International standard providing testing method for performance evaluation based requirement for micro fuel cell power systems such as laptops, cell phones and PDA’s. Performance evaluation will include characteristics such as of output power, fuel consumption, operational durability, mechanical durability, starting uptime, load responding, etc. It will exclude the field of safety.



The 3rd edition was published in September 2016. (1st edition; 2007; 2nd edition 2012)

Available in English and French.

This standard has been adopted in the:

  • UK (BS EN 62282-6-200:2017, Germany (DIN EN 62282-6-200:2015, draft), Austria (OVE/ONORM EN 62282-6-200:2013)

  • China as GB/T 23751.2-2009 (under revision)

Chairman Hiroshi Yokoyama
Secretariat JEMA
Secretary Hiromichi Kinoshita
Shoko Falvo (translator)

Adam, P Atti, A Chirdon, G
Florence, L Higuchi, K. Jones, H.
Kobayashi, N. Lakeman, B. Koseki, K.
Man, M Miyahara, M Mora, J.
Moriga, T Nishimura, Y. Tamura, K.
Ueno, F. Wicelinski, S. Yoshitake, T.