IEC 62282-6-100
    Micro Fuel Cell Power System - Safety

Organization International Electrotechnical Commission

Identification Technical Committee No. 105 - Fuel Cell Technologies
Working Group #8
Micro Fuel Cells - Safety
IEC 62282-6-100 (2012-10) Ed. 1.1

Scope Safety standard for micro fuel cell power systems. (Fuel cell power systems and fuel containers that are wearable or easily carried by hand, providing dc outputs that do not exceed  60 V d.c. and power output of 240 VA. These DC units power or recharge consumer electric devices.)



IEC 62282-6-100 was published in March 2010.
A corrigendum was published December 2011.
An amendment was published October 2012.
The March 2010 standard was re-published with the corrigendum and the amendment as IEC 62282-6-100 (2012-10) Ed.1.1

This standard has been adopted in the:

  • UK (BS EN 62282-6-100/A1:2012), Germany (DIN EN 62282-6-100/A1:2013), Austria (OVE/ONORM EN 62282-6-100/A1:2013) and EU.

  • China as GB/T 23751.1- 2009 (under revision)

Work on a second edition was initiated in 2012 as IEC 62282-6-101 which will become Part 1 General Requirements. Other documents will be developed for specific technologies. Those under development include:

  • 6-106   Indirect Class 8 (corrosive) compounds
  • 6-107   Indirect water-reactive (Division 4.3) compounds
  • 6-109   Butane, solid oxide fuel cells

Chairman Karen Quackenbush
Secretariat CSA Group
Secretary Scott Lindsey