IEC TC105 Working Group #7 / IEC 62282-5-1 (2012-09)
    Portable Fuel Cell Appliances - Safety

Organization Technical Committee No. 105 -Fuel Cell Technologies

Identification Working Group #7
Portable Fuel Cell Appliance Safety
IEC 62282-5-1

Scope Applies to all ac and dc type portable fuel cell appliances, not exceeding 600V, for commercial, industrial and residential indoor and outdoor use in non-hazardous locations. (Includes moveable, transportable and hand-held equipment. Does not include systems that are permanently connected, export to the grid, or for propulsion or auxiliary power for transportation.)



Published in 2007, and revised in 2012 as IEC 62282-5-2 Ed.2 (2012-09).                  

Work on the next edition, as IEC 62282-5-100, is underway. Publication is forecast for September 2018.                 

This standard has been adopted in the:

  • UK (BS EN 62282-5-1:2012), Germany (DIN EN 62282-5-1:2013), Austria (OVE/ONORM EN 62282-5-1:2013) and EU.
  • Korea as KS C IEC 62282-5-1
  • China as GB/T 30084-2013
  • Taiwan (as a motorcycle standard) as CNS 15468-5

The following are is the process of adoption:

  • Japan as JIS C 62282-5
  • Canada as CAN/CSA IEC 62282-5

Chairman Toshiki Shimizu
Secretariat Japan