International Electrotechnical Commission
    Test Method for the Performance of Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants
International & EU

Organization Technical Committee No. 105 -Fuel Cell Technologies

Identification Working Group #4
Test Methods For the Fuel Cell Power System - Performance

IEC 62282-3-200 (2011-10)


Scope Describes how to measure the performance of stationary fuel cell power systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.



Current edition published in 2011. Available from and                   

This standard has been adopted in:

  • UK, Germany, Austria and EU
  • Korea as KS C IEC 62282-3-100
  • China as GB/T 27748.2 

The next edition has been approved for FDIS. Scheduled for publication in 2015.



Chairman Noboru Hashimoto
Secretariat Japan
Secretary Shoko Falvo