IEC TC105 Working Group #2 / IEC 62282-2 (20012-03) Ed. 2
    Fuel Cell Modules

Organization International Electrotechnical Commission

Identification Technical Committee No. 105 - Fuel Cell Technologies
Working Group #2
Fuel Cell Modules
IEC 62282-2 (2012-03) Ed. 2

Scope International standard providing minimum requirements for safety and performance of fuel cell modules in all applications.


The first edition was published in 2004, and the second edition was published in 2012. 
Available from and

The next edition will be IEC 62282-2-100 Ed.1, and is expected in 2018.


This standard has been adopted in the:

  • UK (BS EN 62282-2:2012), Germany (DIN EN 62282-2:2013), Austria (OVE/ONORM EN 62282-2:2012) and the EU.  
  • Korea as KSC IEC 62282-2
  • Canada as (CAN/CSA NO. 62282-2-2007, R2013)
  • China as GB/T 29838-2013.


Chairman Eckhard Schwendemann
Secretariat Germany-