IEC 62282-6-300 (2012-12)
    Micro Fuel Cell Power System - Fuel Cartridge Interchangeability
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Organization International Electrotechnical Commission


Technical Committee No. 105 - Fuel Cell Technologies

Working Group #10

Micro Fuel Cell Power System Fuel Cartridge Interchangeability

IEC 62282-6-300


Scope International standard providing interchangeable based requirements for the micro fuel cell power unit to the electric devices and the fuel cartridge to the fuel cell power unit including the mechanical interface(s), electrical interface(s), communication protocol, retention feature, interface dimensions (as required), datum/orientation feature.

The first edition covers only methanol and methanol/water fuels. Later editions will expand to other fuels.


Published in 2009, and revised in 2013 as IEC 62282-6-300 Ed.2 (2013-12).


This standard has been adopted in the:

  • UK (BS EN 62282-6-300:2013), Germany (DIN EN 62282-6-300:2014), Austria (OVE/ONORM EN 62282-6-300:2014) and EU.

  • China as GB/Z 23751.3- 2013


Revision to the 2nd edition will start in 2017.



T. Moriga / Ms. Hyejung Cho

Secretariat JEMA
Secretary Makoto Miyahara